Wednesday, 7 August 2013

extender upgrade kit

We have been informed this morning that the UK official penis extender upgrade kit will shortly be back up and running.

Due to a hardware failure the dedicated server has been replaced and upgraded. Whilst this work has taken place the website has been unavailable.

We have been reliably informed that essential maintenance work is on the agenda for this morning and the website will be back online by the afternoon.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Latex Funny Face Extensions

Okay, some people may feel that penis extensions is no laughing matter, and quite rightly so. But once in a while everyone needs to lighten up a little, and the Latex Funny Face Extensions are a great way of getting the extension you want, with the added fun surprise for your partner.

With the Latex Funny Face Extensions, all you have to do is slide the extension on like you would a condom, and BAM...instant added length! The unique thing about the Latex Funny Face Extensions are that they come in a range of funny faces to give your partner even more of a surprise.

We have searched high and low and you can now get your own Latex Funny Face Extension for only £0.99...Yes that's right £0.99!! For under a quid you can't go wrong, try it out for yourself and see the amazement on your partners face! Available at That Sex Shop.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Penis Enlargement Cream

We have all heard of penis enlargement pills, yet for some people the idea of taking a pill just isn't their cup of tea. Well, there are also penis enlargement creams out there that do the same job, but without the hassle of having to take a tablet.

New to LoveBody is the Mr Thick Dick penis enlargement cream which is designed to stimulate a maximum erection. It is easy to use, smells great, and will enlarge your penis.

Mr Thick Dick can also be used in conjunction with penis pumps as it acts like a lube, and also ensures your erection is at it's maximum.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

new penis extender

Over the weekend we have been given an exclusive look at the new Provimax penis extender.

Although we remain independent with our review would are looking forward to seeing this new extender launched.
Currently there are lots of extenders on the market and being realistic all of these extender do the same thing to a certain extent.

Many people are looking for extenders and are looking for the cheapest extenders but that's probably one of the biggest mistakes you could make when considering buying an extender.

Do a quick search on eBay and you can find extenders from as little as £10 claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread. These extenders are dangerous to use and could cause you damage due to the cheap materials. Many of these extenders are just cheap copies being imported from china or somewhere else in the far east. Then we have seen the opposite end of the market with extenders like the X4 charging ridiculous prices over $300 -$400 for a basic extender, being featured as deluxe or platinum extenders because of the cheap DVD's and cheap products being offered as free gifts.

What you need to do is find the middle ground and that's what the Provimax Extender promises to do just this. From what we have seen this extender is made from high quality medical grade materials and comes with a whole host of options included in the single flat cost.

We have been informed that World Niche have been named as the exclusive distributors and have been given the rights to resell this product under license. As part of the distribution deal World Niche will be responsible for the marketing including the new website which they are currently working on. All marketing materials will be available shortly. Wholesale and Drop ship will also be available from World Niche.

Friday, 11 January 2013

New extender in the planning

We all know there are lots of penis extenders on the market at the moment claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread. Making claims you will look have a penis John Holmes within 6 months of using there extender but lets face it we know the truth. Penis extenders will only give you a maximum growth of about 3inches in length and 1 inch in girth when used correctly. That is for up to 6 hours a hard over a period of 3-6 months.

The problem is many of these extenders are not always affordable. Priced at well over £100 for what is deemed to be industry it's not surprising many people are turning there attention to some of the cheaper extenders. The problem is these extenders are not the same quality, non medical grade metal and plastics being placed along side your genitals for long periods of time is not recommended. But what if we could find a middle ground? What would happen if someone could launch a new penis extender that found a happy medium between affordable and quality. I think we have found the answer. 

After a recent visit to the offices and warehouse of World Niche, a UK Retailer, wholesaler and now turning manufacturer. World Niche is the only recommended authorised distributor of the world famous penis enlargement pills, Provimax.

We spent a few hours at the offices and warehouse of World Niche where we was given an insight into the exciting world of the adult industry. We also learnt from our visit that the makers of the popular male enhancement pill provimax were currently designing and producing a penis extender. There is no launch date at the moment but World Niche being there preferred distributor have indicated that the new extender will be on there websites and ready to purchase in the summer of 2013. The name is yet to be confirmed but we suspect it might be a very simple provimax extender.

Watch this space, we will be the first blog to let you know when the new extender goes on sale!...

New Extenders added to that sex shop

That Sex Shop has recently undertaken a massive face lift and in 2013 has been relaunched in a bid to reclaim it's position as one of the UK's leading retailers for sex toys and adult novelty products.

We had the pleasure of talking to ThatSexShop at there warehouse based in Birmingham. When we arrived there was a number of staff all buzzing away in the offices and packing orders in the warehouse next door.
I asked the new owner what he was currently working on and he gave me a look at the new website and the plans for the next 6-12 months. I was amazed and have to say it's a lot of work and a massive job these guys have on there hands but I'm sure they know this already. Having seen the changes over the last 6-8 weeks I must say that I think they are well on target. I for one am very impressed with the new website.

So lets get down to the nitty gritty. Obviously with the massive plans for the website I was wondering how and where the penis extenders would come into the plan.

I was given an overview and shown exactly what was in store for not only the penis extender but the entire male health market. From penis extenders to pump, pills, creams and lotions. Being an industry leader means you have to provide a huge range of products from many suppliers. One of the best selling extenders on the market at the moment is the highly affordable Male Edge extender. Being one of a handful of authorised resellers means we are able to offer genuine male edge product. You can visit the website and see the full range of penis extenders. That Sex Shop also sell the complete range of Andro extenders, SizePro extender and TuShy extenders.

Knowing there were some cheaper brands and products on the market I enquired if these would be added to the range at any point.  I was told,
"There are no plans at the moment to stock any cheaper products. We have looked into many possibilities as there are many cheap extenders on the market. The truth is these are inferior products. Made from non safe metals and plastics, cheap materials that are at risk from breaking when put under pressure over a long period of time. ThatSexShop has built up a reputation for selling high quality products at affordable prices. We have no plans to chance that by selling cheap poor products for high prices."

I had the privilege of being shown a comparison between one of the cheaper extenders on the market and a high quality extender sold by ThatSexShop. IHaving seen the comparisons directly you get a better understanding of these products and why you should only purchased medical grade trusted products and not any extender based on it's price.

Friday, 15 June 2012

new penis extender now available

We have recently been in talks with the manufacturer of the penis extender, Tushy. This popular male enhancement product was once on sale in the UK. Once owned by a previous company all rights including the website have been purchased by the online retailer for niche market products, World Niche Products.

We have spoken to WN and have been informed that they are currently working on the website for the extender and are in talks with several manufactures about supplying parts for this extender.

WN hope to relaunch the website with a new extender that will be as popular if not more popular than the old style.

Currently there are many extenders on the market in the UK. Some of the best selling penis extenders has all been withdrawn from the UK due to issues with the makers. One extender, the X4 labs from Canada is no longer available from any UK sellers. Many customers complain about the extender and some international customers have suffered fraud since placing orders on there official website so it is recommended to look into any company before making a purchase.