Monday, 6 June 2011

X4Labs under investigation

It is the shock news of the year so far, it's now official. The X4 Labs Penis extender is now officially proven as a scam.

The company X4Labs was supplying the company FastSize the X4 extenders, Fast Size was rebranding the product as there own product but recently the company FastSize was closed down and the devices were seized. Read the story here,

The reason behind this is the device quality of the X4 labs extender / fast size is very very poor. The product claims lots of information that is not true like FDA approved. The X4LABS IS NOT FDA approved.

These claims have landed the company fastsize in trouble and now they have been shut down with all assetts seized. Now the FDA have stopped This company from trading they are turning there attention to X4 Labs as they were supplying there extenders to fastsize to rebrand.

It won't be long before we see the X4 labs removed from sale from several countries.

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